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We have a wide range of fireworks here at the Fireworks Shop. Originally invented by the Chinese in the 7th century as a weapon used in war, they blast high into the air with a whooshing trail behind and usually finish with a large star burst and a loud bang, also with crackling and other effects. Evidently they are now used to celebrate all types of occasions!

You're sure to find the right Firework Rockets!

The rocket packs that we sell vary by colour and this adds to the different effects in each rocket and offer value for money and longevity to the firework display. Smaller ones contain up to 20g of powder but "caged" ones are protected with Pyromesh to meet UK safety standards for storing and can contain up to 180g of powder in a single rocket!


We deliver Firework Rockets all around the North West Lancashire area. We accept credit card payments & also accept PayPal, or if you prefer you can always collect from our shop that is located in Preston.

Watch the videos of the rockets

We record our Rockets in high definition and have them on our product pages so that the rockets can previewed before purchasing them.

Why not write a review for Rockets

If you like the rockets that you have bought why not write a review. We always like to hear how well our fireworks have been for our customers and also to let other customers get an idea of the firework.

Rockets Safety

Please take care when igniting rockets. People of 18+ should only use fireworks and generally people who are responsible when using fireworks.